Psylosophus I & II

Psylosophus I and II by Augustinas Našlėnas. Original size 110x254cm each. These images were a part of the first Gaiamycota installation at the Futurecade show, Festival of the Mind 2016.

Click on the image for a close-up view:

Psylosopher I

Psylosopher II

Anthony sculpting the clay model of Gaiamycota 03.05.2016 – 23.05.2016

The next step in our Journey was to create the likeness of our goddess herself. Anthony took inspiration from the images of Artemis of Ephesus, the Greek multi breasted goddess. He also combined two faces – one with “northern” features and the other one more “southern” looking. Eventually Anthony decorated the sculpture with two mushroom shaped tiaras to allude to the importance of fungi in this project. Thus Gaiamycota, the goddess of symbiosis, was born.

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