Gaiamycota 3D print!

Anthony has 3D scanned and printed his Gaiamycota sculpture! We will soon be able to make different sizes of her…


EVE studios session 31.05.2016 – 01.06.2016

The second big event in the making of Gaiamycota happened in the end of May, when we booked the magnificent experimental music studios named EVE in Stockport. We were there for two days recording material for the future soundtrack for the Gaiamycota performance and film. EVE studios, run by Martin King, is an enchanting place full of most exotic musical instruments from all over the world. We were thrilled and got highly inspired by the settings there. Here are some photos of the recording sessions.

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Anthony sculpting the clay model of Gaiamycota 03.05.2016 – 23.05.2016

The next step in our Journey was to create the likeness of our goddess herself. Anthony took inspiration from the images of Artemis of Ephesus, the Greek multi breasted goddess. He also combined two faces – one with “northern” features and the other one more “southern” looking. Eventually Anthony decorated the sculpture with two mushroom shaped tiaras to allude to the importance of fungi in this project. Thus Gaiamycota, the goddess of symbiosis, was born.

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The first Gaiamycota field trip 04.05.2016

Our journey to Giaiamycota started in May 2016 when we were joined by a music producer Martin King and head out to the Peak District to record sounds and video for the future project. That day among other things we recorded and filmed different types of augers being used in different environments. We all felt that an auger, being a tool for extracting soil samples from the ground, had great importance for this project.

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