“The Nation that destroys its Soil, destroys itself!”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt


Gaiamycota is an interdisciplinary multimedia art project started in April 2016 by artists Anthony Bennett, Augustinas Našlėnas, Ryan Taylor and a professor of biology Duncan Cameron.
Gaiamycota reflects on the state of “what remains of the soil” of our planet…. it’s acute predicament, and foretells of a method to address this, given a global collective political and cultural will. 


⊕  E  x  p  l  o  r  e  ⊗


Psylosopher Magical Zone (Invoke Gaia)

Synergist Alchemical zone (Experience Gaia)

Augurer Scientific Zone (Understand Gaia)

Clodhopper Critical Zone (Be aware of Gaia) 

 Vibraum ideaResonance zone (Talk to Gaia)